About us


Sometime in 2002 Malcolm Sargent decided to plant a small vineyard on a slope overlooking the house at Winner Hill Farm in Alderley, Gloucestershire. He chose a mix of Seyval Blanc and Bacchus white grapes and for the reds, Dornfelder and Regent. After a few years the vines produced enough grapes to harvest and in 2006 the first batch of wine was made. What started as a hobby has now grown into a small business, with his son Deane taking over several years ago.


The original half an acre has recently been expanded into a further acre field, with new plantings of Seyval Blanc and Pinot Noir grapes this year. All the vines are carefully pruned and tended by hand and the grass kept down by our geese, with some ducks to help with pest control. Our Border Collie, Skye, does an excellent job of herding them to and fro every day.

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